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Visit the Bergen County Animal Shelter and Adoption Center on Saturday, April 6th, 2013 for our National Public Health Week Educational Series: 'Get a Pet/Meet the Vet.Learn better ways to keep your canines and/or felines healthy at our two educational sessions: 




1:30 TO 2:30 




3:00 TO 4:00


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Sergeant's Pet Care Products, a leading pet care product company, and actress and animal advocate, Tiffani Thiessen, are joining together to emBARK on Pet Health by educating and empowering pet owners during Responsible Pet Owners month. While many pet owners know it is important to keep their pets healthy, they don't necessarily think about the things they should be doing on an ongoing basis to ensure that health.

On Tuesday, February 5, 2013, Tiffani Thiessen visited the Bergen County Animal Shelter and Adoption Center in Teterboro, New Jersey to engage with some of the animals that will soon benefit from the Sergeant's Pet Health Kit donations. These animals included pets that were rescued following the recent devastation from Hurricane Sandy. With the help of Sergeant's Pet Care Products and American Humane Association, Tiffani was able to conduct some of the most important routine tasks in keeping pets healthy every day including playtime, grooming and teeth brushing.  




Pets available for adoption are featured on the Petfinders website at:



Please check our calendar for rabies clinic dates and times. Rabies clinics are open to residents of Bergen County or cats and dogs adopted from our shelter.
There is no charge.




The Bergen County Animal Shelter and Adoption Center’s animal control program incorporates the largest animal shelter in New Jersey. The shelter offers a comprehensive range of services including animal control, animal adoption, disease prevention, and humane animal treatment. Located in Teterboro, the shelter provides services seven days a week and 24 hours a day. By contracting with the shelter, municipalities fulfill their state-mandated obligation to provide animal control with certified officers.

In 1999, 49 municipalities contracted for Animal Control Services. The following levels of service delivery were achieved.

  • 7,759 domestic animals were admitted to the shelter, representing an increase of 10% over 1998.
  • 4,004 services were delivered to wildlife, a 60% increase over 1998.
  • 7,069 service reports were delivered to municipalities.
  • 3,939 spay/neuter services were provided.
  • Approximately 150,000 requests for information were filled, an increase of 25,000.

The shelter’s Animal Adoption Program, which results in a high rate of animal adoptions, was a highlight of the year’s accomplishments. More than 90% of eligible incoming dogs were placed in homes in 1999. This compares to an adoption rate of approximately 40% statewide. Contributing to the high rate of animal adoptions were pets featured in The Record, numerous television appearances, and a monthly “Adopt A Pet Day” at a local pet store.

The shelter’s Web site continues to increase the adoption rate. In addition to providing information about shelter services, the site includes a list and photos of pets available for adoption through a link to Petfinder, a database featuring animals for adoption in several regional shelters. The pictures and descriptions allow potential adopters to view available pets before coming to the shelter. Links to other Internet sites relating to animal health and behavior are included for consumer convenience.

Over the past several years, shelter staff and volunteers have received six grants from the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation and four grants from the Bernice Barbour Foundation, Inc. A substantial portion of these grants supports the Spay/Neuter Program. In 1999, 3,939 dogs and cats were spayed or neutered. A new policy ensures that 100% of adopted animals are spayed/neutered before leaving the shelter.

FOCAS (Friends of the County Animal Shelter) is a dedicated group of volunteers who help raise funds, present education programs, and assist with adoptions, spay/neuter clinics and other shelter services. In 1999, 21 Health Fairs and Education Programs on humane education and rabies control were provided for schoolchildren, adult and youth groups, reaching over 5,170 people in a cooperative effort between the shelter and FOCAS.

In another FOCAS effort, five visits were made to facilities for Pet Therapy, a proven modality for the elderly to receive and display affection. A team of FOCAS volunteers visits nursing homes, long-term hospital patients, and senior citizens, bringing animals for patient interaction.

To increase awareness of Animal Shelter services, FOCAS volunteers and staff participated in health and safety events in Carlstadt, Elmwood Park, Leonia, Lyndhurst, and Hackensack.In answer to the social and recreational needs of its clients, the Senior Care Center provides a wide array of activities from Monday to Friday, every week of the year.