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Special Child Health Services Program
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Case Management

  1. What is case management?
  2. Who is eligible?
  3. What is a case manager?
  4. What are the specific duties and responsibilities of the case manager?

What is case management?

Case management is a goal directed system, the purpose of which is to assure the provision of coordinated comprehensive services for special needs children and their families. The ultimate goal of the case management unit is to assist these families identify and access quality health care so that children have the opportunity to function at their optimum level.

The local county case management units serve as the entry points into the health care and related service systems and facilitate cooperation among the agencies. Overall, it is the case management units mission to assure that the service delivery system works for families who need assistance with the multiple tasks involved from clearly identifying the basic needs of their child to finding providers, and ultimately to evaluate the effectiveness of the service offered.

Who is eligible?

Any child, from birth to 21 years of age, who has a birth defect, a serious illness, has difficulty walking, talking and understanding, or is at risk of developing a handicapping condition is eligible. Services are provided regardless of financial status.

What is a case manager?

The case manager is a professionally prepared individual and a central figure in the case management system. The case manager serves as a resource for the family regarding the range of service options and entitlements available and to continually assess and evaluate the health care system to identify gaps that remain to be addressed. This case manager is the mediator between the family and the service delivery system and performs individual service planning, service coordination, and monitoring. All of these functions are carried out with family members.

What are the specific duties and responsibilities of the case manager?

The professional case manager works with both children and their parents. These professionals assist families through the maze of the health service system and other related systems and are responsible for providing the following specific services:

  • Counseling of the child and parent including: 1) a description of the Special Child Health Service-Case Management Services, 2) identifying the child’s problem (s) with the parents, and 3) validating the parents’ knowledge and understanding of the child’s problem (s).
  • Assessing the need for services and developing with the families an Individual Service Plan. This Individual Service Plan is written describing the child’s developmental, educational, medical, rehabilitative, and social needs.
  • Assisting families to reach their goals identified in the Individual Service Plan by taking an active part in identifying and accessing the needed service.
  • Being available to the families as a resource in a crisis, responding actively to complaints about services, and providing objective information about alternatives for securing direct services.
  • Promoting and facilitating communication among multiple providers servicing families including the primary health care provider.
  • Monitoring the services received by families by reviewing the child’s progress toward the attainment of goals identified in the Individual Service Plan.
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