Clean Communities Program


Bergen County
Clean Communities Program

New Jersey Clean Communities is a state-wide, community-driven effort to reduce litter in NJ.  The Program identifies litter problems and determines appropriate solutions. 

The Bergen County Department of  Health Services has been involved with the Clean Communities Program for the past 16 years.

The three-prong approach used in the program includes:



Litter is a health hazard.  When allowed to accumulate, it provides a breeding place for disease-carrying insects and rodents.  Litter can also harm wildlife, fish and plant life.

Litter is unsightly.  People who litter show a lack of pride in their community and in themselves.

Litter can be a hazard.  Broken glass and other sharp objects which litter our environment can cause injuries; litter can also be a fire hazard.

Litter costs taxpayers phenomenal amounts of money each year in associated clean-up costs, interferes with our enjoyment  of public places and lowers our quality of lives.




  • Keep your own property litter-free
  • Encourage officials to provide enough receptacles for pedestian and motorist litter
  • Get involved with your local clean communities program
  • Apply for a Bergen County Clean Communities Mini Grant
  • Help spread the anti-litter message