Environmental Protection Program




Carry out inspections of minor source facilities (gas stations, dry cleaners, paint shops, etc.) Respond to complaints of smoke (visual emissions) or odors. Learn More»


Carry out inspections of Public Non-Community Water Supplies. Respond to complaints of illegal discharges to the surface or groundwater. Learn More»


Respond to complaints of excessive noise between residential and commercial or commercial and commercial facilities.
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Solid Waste

Carry out inspections of Solid Waste Facilities, i.e.( transfer stations, compost sites, DPWs and landfills). Respond to complaints of illegal dumping of solid waste. Learn More»


Carry out inspections of pesticide applicators for schools, restaurants, landscapers, and golf courses. Inspect shops for the sale of non-registered pesticide products.
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Emergency Response

Respond to hazardous material emergencies, weapons of mass destruction, and biological hazards. Learn More»

Underground Storage Tanks (UST)

Carry out inspections of regulated USTs(gas stations). Provide technical assistance with the closure of residential underground heating oil tanks that have been reported to leak.
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Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

The GIS program provides mapping and spatial analysis support to all of the programs within the BCDHS as well as a number of other County Agencies. Learn More»

Clean Communities

This program addresses litter control through a three-pronged approach; clean-ups, education and enforcement. Learn More»

  • Air

    Inspections, visual emmission and odor complaints.
  • Water

    Inspections, illegal discharges complaints
  • Noise

    Commercial and residential excessive noise complaints
  • Solid Waste

    Transfer Station and compost site inspections, illegal dumping complaints
  • Pesticides

    Inspect pesticide applicators and retailers selling non-registered products
  • Emergency Response

    Respond to hazardous material emergencies
  • Underground Storage Tanks

    Inspect UST's and provide technical assistnce for residents
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

    Mapping and spatial analysis support
  • Clean Communities

    Litter clean-ups, education and enforcement
The Environmental Protection Program addresses all aspects of the environment. Through the County Environmental Health Act, Bergen County Department of Health Services (BCDHS) is the Lead Agency for Environmental Protection here in Bergen County. The BCDHS is under contract with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) to provide environmental services and carry out enforcement when necessary. Other areas in which the BCDHS is active include the WMA5 program, Community Right to Know, and Clean Communities Program.

Air Monitoring Data

Find out the air quality in your area and around the state on the NJDEP's air monitoring website.

Clean Communities

Want to recieve up to $300 to do a clean-up in your area? Get involved with your local Clean Communities Program!
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2012 Houshold Hazardous Waste Collection Dates ↓Click Here↓

All colletion sites open (rain or shine) at 9:00 a.m. and close promptly at 3:00 p.m.

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Bergen County Community College

400 Paramus Rd.

  • Sun., April 15th
  • Sun., June 10th
  • Sun., October 14th


Bergen County Campgaw Mountain Reservation

200 Campgaw Rd.

  • Sat., May 19th
  • Sat., Sept. 8th
  • Sat., November 17th


Bergen County Utilities Authority (BCUA)

Foot of Empire Blvd.

  • Sat., March 10th
  • Sat., July 21th

2012 Collection Events Dates for Tire Recycling, Electronics & Computers, and Paper Shredding Collection ↓Click Here ↓

All colletion sites open (rain or shine) at 9:00 a.m. and close promptly at 2:00 p.m.

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Bergen County Community Services Bldg.

327 East Ridgewood Ave.

Paramus, NJ

  • Sun., April 29th
  • Sat., August 18th

Bergen County Campgaw Mountain Reservation

200 Campgaw Rd.

Mahwah, NJ

  • Sun., June 23rd
  • Sat., November 3rd