West Nile

Frequently Asked Questions About Mosquito Spraying

General Information for Bergen County Residents Regarding Mosquito and
West Nile Virus Control Efforts

Frequently Asked Questions About Mosquito Spraying:

Q1. Is the spraying to kill adult mosquitoes being done aerially or from the ground?

A. No aerial spraying to kill adult mosquitoes has been done in Bergen County, either last year or this year. Adult mosquito control is being conducted in Bergen County from the ground through the use of trucks, all terrain vehicles or hand-held units.

Q2. Will the spray from a truck reach my backyard?

A. The distance the spray is carried depends largely on wind speed and direction. Generally speaking, the spray may reach one-quarter of a mile.

Q3. Will mosquitoes breed in my swimming pool?

A. Swimming pools that are filtered and chlorinated will not breed mosquitoes. Pools that are neither filtered nor chlorinated are a potential mosquito breeding place and should be emptied. Similarly, pool covers that collect rainwater should be drained.

Q4. Will the spray cause my pool to be unsafe for swimming? Should I cover the pool?

A. It is not necessary to cover a swimming pool. After four hours of daylight, the Scourge will degrade. The normal filtration and chlorination process should keep the water safe for swimming.

Q5. Will produce from my garden be safe to eat after my area of town is treated with Scourge?

A. Scourge degrades after four hours of daylight, even on a cloudy day. There are no residual effects of spraying with Scourge and no build up in the environment. As a precaution, wash produce before eating it.

Q6. Is it safe for my child to play on a playing field in an area that has been sprayed?

A. If there have been four hours of daylight since the spraying occurred, the Scourge has degraded and the field would be safe to play on.

Q7. Is it safe to use outdoor furniture or a swing set if Scourge has been sprayed in the area?

A. After four hours of daylight, the Scourge has degraded and the outdoor furniture or a swing set would be safe to use. Residents can hose down the items before use as an extra precaution.

Q8. Would it be safe to walk my dog the morning after spraying has been done in our area?

A. Spraying is scheduled to conclude by 6 a.m., so a full four hours might not have elapsed by the time you need to walk your dog. Although it is not considered dangerous to walk the dog within that time frame, a cautious approach would be to walk the dog on a leash and bring the pet inside as soon as possible.

Q9. Is Scourge dangerous for the fish in my ornamental fish pond?

A. Scourge should not adversely affect the fish at the rates it is used. However, as a precaution you can throw a tarp over the pond during the spraying or remove the fish and bring them inside temporarily.

Q10. I have an air conditioner. Should I turn it off if spraying is scheduled in my area?

A. If you have a window air-conditioning unit, you can turn off the vent so that air is not brought in from the outside. Central air-conditioning units cool recirculated air in your house. Since a central air-conditioning unit does not pull in outside air, there is no need to turn it off.